Monday, August 22, 2011


What is ElumTools™?

ElumTools is the first fully integrated add-in for Autodesk® Revit® designed to calculate point by point illuminance on any workplane or surface utilizing lighting fixture families and surface geometry already present in the Revit model. ElumTools runs completely inside of Revit allowing quick and easy analysis of any Revit Room or Space including hosted elements and even furniture. An interactive Radiosity-based visualization is a by-product of the calculation enhancing the understanding of light and surface.

Why ElumTools?

  • The ability to easily integrate real point-by-point illuminance calculations for any Room or Space (or other geometry) with your Revit projects
  • Leverage all Revit content - no import or export
  • Utilize any luminaire family and assign photometric sources if not already present
  • Calculate only the geometry you need
  • Place illuminance points on any surface or workplane
  • Fully interactive draft visualization for every calculation including scaled Pseudocolor
  • Optionally include hosted elements such as doors and windows
  • Optionally include furniture etc
  • See illuminance points in any view you select
  • Statistics available to Revit schedules
  • Operates in Revit 2012 MEP or Architecture
  • The same proven calculation engine as industry standard AGi32 software
  • So intuitive anyone can do it!
  • No training necessary!
  • Watch our videos and try a demo!
  • Shred the time it takes for your lighting workflow!

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