Monday, August 29, 2011

Selection Master by Revolution Design

Robust Filter Capabilities with Selection Master from Revolution Designs.

Selection Master supports six types of filters:

  • Parameter
  • Level - Level filters recognize level parameter, work plane, reference level, and schedule level so all offset beams, etc. are included.
  • Family
  • Category
  • Phase Created
  • Phase Demolished

The Selection Master full interface can be used to create filters based on any of these properties or combine as many filters as desired to refine the set. Find all first floor walls created in phase 2 or simply find every element related to the second floor level.

Save Filter Sets

While some filter sets are only usefull once, most can be usefull continually throughout a project or even across multiple projects. Selection Master allows you to save filter sets to be reused as many times as desired.

Preview Elements

Before returning to Revit, Selection Master allows you to preview the elements that satisfy the filters you have created. From here you can change your filters, further refine the set of elements, export a report, or have them automatically selected for you in Revit.

Quick Filters 

You can use Quick Filters as a shortcut to easily apply the basic filters with predefined settings in a single click.

Want to find all elements related to a certain level? Use the 'Quick Level' command. Want to quickly select everything created in Phase 2? Use 'Quick Phase Created'.

You can even use Quick Level to avoid losing elements when removing redundant or unnecessary levels.


Selection Master not only allows you to preview the elements that match the filters, you can also export the data to a comma separated value (.csv) file for use or analysis in any standard spreadsheet program.

In addition to exporting the preview data, Selection Master also allows exporting of all the levels, families, and phases in the project.

A 15 day free trial of Selection Master is available. Single seat licenses are $25/seat and a site license is available for $400.

More information here.

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