Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Link Specifications to Revit Models with BSD LinkMan-E

Welcome to a new world where your specifications automatically integrate with a BIM created in Autodesk Revit. Building Systems Design, Inc., proudly introduces BSD LinkMan™-E.

What is BSD LinkMan-E?

BSD LinkMan-E is a linking software product that allows the user to easily create, monitor and modify relationships between various representations of a building design project - as drawn using Autodesk Revit, as specified using BSD SpecLink-E, and, in future, as estimated using BSD CostLink/AE. This linking software is referred to as LinkMan-E or LME.

The LME user interface is a set of "Dashboards," together comprising a monitoring station that permits a project manager to view the status of project development in the linked applications, check for consistency, and identify discrepancies for corrective action. LME also allows the user to "turn on" missing products in SpecLink-E, based on data from Revit. In short, LME is a tool for coordinating the Revit building model (the BIM) with its specifications and (in future) its cost estimate.

More information here.

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