Monday, August 22, 2011


RevitTV Plug-ins

Packed with time-saving features, you'll save hours on the preparation and issuing contract documentation.

RTV Drawing Manager

  • Automatically update titleblocks, revision schedules and revision clouds.
  • Automatically export multiple drawings to DWF, DWFx, DWG and PDF.
  • Automatically rename exported files with custom parameter names.
  • Automatically record all drawing issues and current drawing revisions.
  • Supports for multiple view scales i.e 1:100,1:200@A1, 1:200,1:400@A3.
  • Full support for Metric and Imperial Revit project units.
  • Fully customizable parameter mapping.

RTV Shared Parameter Manager

  • Automatically update shared parameters in Revit Projects and Family files.
  • Automatically manage multiple shared parameter txt files.
  • Automatically rename shared parameters while protecting the GUID.

RTV Paint

  • Import and automatically create Revit paint materials from existing AutoCAD Color Book (.acb) files.
  • Search and filter hundreds of Revit paint materials by colour name.
  • Manage hundreds of manufacturers paint materials in Revit with ease, including Resene Paints, Dulux New Zealand, Sherwin-Williams also Colorbond® and Colorsteel® Roof Colours, Habitats Roof Range from Dimond and Peter Fell Concrete.

RTV Keynote Manager

  • Manage hundreds of Revit keynotes easily.
  • Save and customise project specific keynotes.
  • Control and enforce corporate standards and specification writing.

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