Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Private BIM Clouds with BIM9

The Building Design and Construction industries continue to embrace Building Information Modeling (BIM). With that embrace there is a rapidly growing need for new workshare, remote access and mobility techniques surrounding your BIM data. BIM9 was created to help the industry solve these specific needs.

Do you take the data to the user or the user to the data?

This is a fundamental question in the world of BIM today. The answer lives in the cloud. The challenge is how do you get your design tools into the cloud in a way that works for you. BIM technology tends to have specific needs when it comes to performance. Building owners have security needs that do not play well into traditional cloud technology. Here at BIM9 we have taken industry expertise, combined it with Information Technology (IT) expertise and built the Private BIM Cloud solution to solves these issues.

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