Thursday, October 2, 2014

Free IFC Revit Templates and Parameter Upgrade Files from Autodesk

From the Autodesk Revit 2015 help file...

Access IFC-Specific Files

Revit makes available the following IFC-specific files:
  • IFC Metric Template.rte. This file allows you to create new projects that are already set to the IFC standard.
  • IFC Parameter Upgrade.rvt. This file enables you to upgrade an existing project to contain IFC parameters by reading the instructions contained in the IFC Parameter Upgrade.rvt file.
  • IFC Shared Parameters.txt. This file contains the shared IFC parameters if you want to manually update an existing project to contain all or some of these parameters.
Note: It is recommended that you use the IFC Parameter Upgrade.rvt file. If you use IFC Shared Parameters.txt, you must add parameters one at a time, setting the correct categories for each. If you use IFC Parameter Upgrade.rvt, you can use the Transfer Project Standards tool to add the parameters in one operation.

To access the IFC-specific files
  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Click Revit Instruction & Help Samples.
  3. Click IFC (the web page displays a list of the available IFC files).
  4. To download the IFC files, click Download Directory. On the File Download dialog, click Save, and navigate to the target folder.
  5. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the target folder, and double-click IFC.exe to extract the downloaded files.
The downloaded files include parameter upgrade instructions.



Unknown said...

I am having major issues with opening ifc files. I had to reimage my computer a week ago and now when I open IFC nothing happens. I have downloaded and installed all IFC enhancements and have my mapping template set up. What am I missing. Deliverable is due soon and IFC and ADSK are not helping.

Unknown said...

I just opened an IFC file in Revit that is 757meg. I see the structure in 3D view but all I can view in plan and elevation is are the grid lines and no structure. Im trying to figure out to get the coordinate points in sync with the levels and grids.

Unknown said...

I just opened an IFC file in Revit 2018. It says it is 757 Meg sized. I can view large structure in 3D but all I can see in plan and elevations are the Grid Lines, no structure. I used a default commercial template when opening the IFC file. I am thinking I have two problems, 1- my grid and structure are not connected and 2-, I should maybe try a different template to open the file. In plan and elevation, even when I "un-crop" the view and zoom extents there is no structure to be seen but I see it in 3D. Scratching my head here. The structure is about 8 stories tall but in the "Floor Plans" in my browser I only have two views, Default and Undefined. Any suggestions?