Thursday, October 16, 2014

LazJS: Integration of Javascript with Revit

From the LazJS website...

Frustrated with the limitations of Revit formula? Or spend hours writing a Revit plugin? Spending hours updating your door tags?

Solve these and more with LazJS


Access to Revit Objects
Access to Revit objects directly from Javascript including Project Information, Doors, Rooms, Phases, and etc.

Works with Parameters
Add javascript formula to any parameter. E.g. Adding a formula on a Room's parameter to calculate Occupancy Load

Works on Entire Project
Write javascript that updates an entire project. E.g. Renumber all mark value to solve duplicate mark issue

Free for Non-Commercial Use
If you're using Revit student version or Not For Resale version, you can use LazJS for free

Code Libraries and Sharing
Browse and download scripts from our library as a starting point. Upload and share your scripts with the community

Javascript (ECMA5)
Text Manipulation, Math functions, Date and Time manipulation, Sorting, Looping and etc.

Easy to Use
Write javascript using our Built-In Editor or download from our library. Edit and tailor to your company's requirement. Just save and that's it.

Build custom plug-ins and use in Javascript. Connect to Database? Import export to Excel?

Built-In Excel Plugin
Export and Import data using Excel. Perform additional actions such as deleting or moving an element.

There's more information available on the LazJS website.

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