Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Solar Radiation for Revit Now Available via Autodesk Labs

From Scott Sheppard's It's Alive In the Lab blog...

I am happy to announce another technology preview available via Autodesk Labs that you can try for free. Revit 2014 and 2015 users can now quickly, easily, and iteratively perform solar analysis on the faces of a mass in Autodesk Revit. They can visualize and quantify the distribution of solar radiation on various areas of a mass by taking into account the shading effects from adjacent objects, such as vegetation and surrounding buildings in an urban setting. The technology preview can also help with shading device design (effective strategies in blocking unwanted solar radiation) and aperture placement (allowing wanted solar radiation). So check this one out.

There's more information available on the It's Alive In the Lab blog.


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