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BIMiTs Content Offerings for Revit

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The basic offered families in Autodesk Revit are limited to some generic usable structural elements. Creation of custom, country based elements such as columns, beams, hollow core slabs, … seems the only solution. This is the main reason why we postpone the step to a BIM software application. The implementation time and cost of such environments  is difficult to estimate. Though we all know that BIM is inevitable en we need to migrate sooner or later. The advantages we get from a virtual building information model are without limits: saving failure costs, better planning, lots of information, …

With BIMiTs-S, i-Theses offer the Revit platform as a solution for everyone. Implementation cost can be estimated perfectly and object libraries and additional functionalities are immediately useable. With BIMiTs-S, Revit becomes a ready-to-use software application.

BIMiTs-S consists of:
  • BIMiTs Extensions
  • Extensive library of famillies for Revit
    • The extensive family library for Revit focusses on 2D and 3D objects specific for engineering. It contains both generic  and brand related objects, applicable in several construction types in concrete, wood or steel. The objects are provided with the necessary parameters, are very flexible but stay user-friendly. A novice Revit user can profit of the custom made templates and specific annotation elements, in order to be launched in no time with your Revit project. This library is made in a Dutch language frame.
  • Content and templates Robot Structural Analysis
    • The default libraries for steel sections in Robot Structural Analysis are merged into one big library specific for BeNeLux market. A lot of attention is spent on the denomination of the steel sections. This database can also be used one-on-one in the integration with Revit models.
    • BIMiTs-S also offers several templates (*.plo) for the on-the-fly generation of reinforcement drawings within the RC Design environment in Robot Structural Analysis.
  • Rebar and wire fabric libraries
    • During the calculation of reinforcement in Robot Structural Analysis and the detailed design of rebars and wire fabrics in AutoCAD Structural Detailing, up-to-date databases are  indispensable. BIMiTs-S allows you to use the most recent database in BeNeLux for rebars and wire fabrics in both software packages.


With BIMiTs-A we offer you a FREE library of architectural families for Autodesk Revit. This library is a derivate of the former “BE-NL Localizer”, made by Autodesk.


BIMiTs-T is a product developed by the engineering office  Witas and is also known as “RME_BE Localiser”. BIMiTs-T is THE localizer for Revit MEP in Belgium, available in Dutch and French.

This collection of tools offers a practical library of intelligent objects which can be used during the design of technical installations in building models. All components are built conform to an included project template and have been coded following the SfB-Cobo rules. The specialized MEP project template allows you to build an advanced BIM model and generate project documentation, such as plans, specific schedules, visualization, etc. Some items that are available in the project template (but not limited): materials with physical and thermal assets according to EPB regulation, default schedules for the calculation of ventilation according to EPB regulation, support for selection of radiators, …

BIMiTs-T also provides a basic template for the design of building models, focusing on heat loss calculations directly in Revit in the future. An additional ribbon tab is provided in Revit with a collection of user friendly tools for an easy placement and use of MEP families. These tools are well explained by an online help.

Current tools available in BIMiTs-T:
  • Export to Dialux
  • Schedules & Estimation

Tools in progress:
  • Automatic generation of single-wire diagrams
  • Several calculation tools for pipes (gas, water, sewering, ...)
  • Heat loss calculation according to EN 12831

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Brand Related Content

On request of many of our customers and Revit users in general all over Europe, we’ve started a special service  called “Brand Related Content “, a.k.a. “BRC”. With this service, intended for manufacturers and suppliers of building products, we create and maintain parameterized Revit families in 2D and 3D, based on your own standards.

During the design of the families the real geometry and appearance of the products have been taken into account. As manufacturer and supplier, you decide which geometrical information, nomenclature, parameters, brand naming, … of the object can be shared in the digital object. For the creation of the families we work tightly and consult mutually with the supplier of the building product, in order to deliver technical correct models and to protect the design and technical know-how of the product against piracy or illegal copying.

In BIMiTs-S this Brand Related Content is grouped and sorted according to supplier, and the contact information of the supplier is shared within the Import Family interface.

What is the added value for a manufacturer/supplier?

Architects, engineering offices and contractors will use this Revit family library one-on-one, which gives them technical correct BIM models. On their printouts (sheets and schedules) YOUR brand and nomenclature is used. With the “Brand Related Content”  your product gets in the spotlight, which is a great added value for the marketing of your product.

How to get this FREE content library?

This family library for Revit can be downloaded FOR FREE on the download page of this website. The library installers are also made available to the manufacturer / supplier, so they can share it on their own website.

There's more information available on the BIMiTs website.


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