Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New FAB Sheets and Parameter Jammer Tools Added to CTC's BIM Project Suite

The CAD Technology Center continues to add value to their BIM suites by adding new tools. The latest are FAB Sheets and Parameter Jammer (love the name!).

From the CTC website...


Fabrication Documentation Process

Group elements by a parameter value, create scope boxes for each group, generate views based on the scope boxes and then place the views onto sheets.

The Pain Point

There is certainly no “easy button” for creating, naming and managing views for fabrication in Revit. With all the view names, filters, sheets and settings required to get things right to produce construction ready documents it is easy to miss something along the way.

Key Features

Manage View Settings:

The settings dialog is used to configure parameters, view templates and filters that drive the graphic output of the views.

Graphical Grouping:

Adding custom colors makes it easy to assign elements to groups. Fab Sheets builds and maintains filters that color code elements as they get assigned.


The Family Processor for Everyday Revit Users

Downloading Revit Family content means that sometimes you have spreadsheet where the data can be edited and then imported and applied back in to the Revit model.

The Pain Point

Downloaded Revit Family content frequently introduces shared parameters into the project that are
different from the parameters used in the company’s schedules. These differences cause schedules to display incomplete information.

Key Features

Replaces Parameters in the Family with the Shared Parameters from the Schedule:
With a two-step process to swap the parameters in the family, you can carefully reconcile the differences between the parameters used without destroying existing data.

User Friendly:

Designed so that Revit users who are unfamiliar with the family editor can successfully prepare a
family to be scheduled.

Fast Jamming:

Manually resolving inconsistent shared parameter usage can be a time consuming task. Parameter Jammer automates as much of the process as possible to save you time.

Two-Step Approach:

The first step automatically swaps parameters that can be safely identified as a match. The second step allows you to map, add or omit parameters that did not be automatically swapped.


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