Saturday, October 11, 2014

Print ALL PDF-DWG Add-in for Revit

From Moustafa Khalil's website...

About the tool:

The idea of this Add-in came to me when I experienced issuing my design drawings to the client. The case was after finalizing all my sheets for issuing (printing) I realized that I have more than 40 design drawings sheets mixed between A3 , A4,A2,A1, A0 as well as with different categories like”As built”- “Phase 1” …ect

To print this to Scale was really frustrating as you have to pick the right paper Size before printing. So imaging that you will go through each sheet to identify their scale and memorize the sheet number then you record it in view sheet set. Then sometimes you change the size which will require redoing the whole scenario again.

How it Works

For instance, when you click on the PDF + DWG Button, the programme “Addin” will sort all your sheets, then a Printing window will pop up seeking your choice between:
  1. Print all sheets in sheets Group by 100% Zoom. ie. same sheet scale.
  2. Print all sheets in Sheet Group in A3. Zoom to Fit.
  3. Select Whether you want to export DWG. as well or not.
  4. Choose the location for the output the files. By selecting the output folder, the programme will create a folder for PDF and a folder for DWG.

There's more information available on Moustafa Khalil's website.

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