Sunday, October 19, 2014

Clash Sphere Generator Add-in for Revit

From the BIM One website...


The clash sphere generator is a tool by BIM One that helps project coordinators to communicate clashes location more efficiently to the design team.

Once the report is exported by Autodesk Navisworks® in XML format, the tool is able to read locations and create clash spheres in the building information model. Each sphere is identified by an identification number stored in the report which makes it easier to track and solve using Revit schedules.

Besides information about selected objects, the clash sphere generator gives you an ability to store information about issue status and the team member assigned to solve it. Processed issues can be marked ‘completed’ and comments can be added, which means that only active issues and not the entire BIM model need to be communicated between team members. This capability enables a powerful and open collaboration workflow between all parties during the design and building process.

Using the clash sphere generator results in a more efficient and accurate workflow because communication within a project, and between team members is improved as well as eliminating the need to transfer large BIM files over the Internet. The clash sphere generator focuses on the process and how to cooperate with different BIM software.

  • No additional model checking software training required.
  • Review clashes in their original context to easily solve them.
  • Improved collaboration workflow.
  • Saves you model checking software licenses.
  • No need to transfer large file over the Internet.

The Clash Sphere Generator add-in retails for USD 79.99.

There's more information available on the BIM One website.


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