Monday, December 7, 2015

Autodesk Starts New AEC Generative Design Group, Includes Dynamo

From The Building Lab, the official blog of the AEC Generative Design Group...

AEC Generative Design + The Augmented Age
By Anthony Hauck

As announced at a number of conferences in the autumn of 2015, Autodesk has started a new group called AEC Generative Design, in which we'll apply algorithmic and optimization techniques supported by scalable cloud computation to building design problems. The group currently includes Autodesk's Dynamo, FormIt, Insight 360, and Urban Canvas products, and an additional project that will start combining professional and academic investigations into a new computational approach to building.

Some folks might be familiar with Project Akaba, our first experiment in generative space planning and design collaboration, where we used a building program and adjacency diagrams to generate multiple possible building layout schemes:

In the coming months we'll be extending ideas pioneered in academia, advanced design and engineering firms, and in other groups in Autodesk into the AEC space. For a glimpse of the future, watch Autodesk's CTO Jeff Kowalski talk about generative design during his Autodesk University 2015 keynote address on the Augmented Age:

We're looking forward to sharing more about our studies, industry and academic projects and discussions, and our progress right here at the building lab »

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