Monday, December 28, 2015

CTC BIM Project Suite Version 16.0.4 Released

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About This Version
Version 16.0.4, 12/22/2015

BIM List Enhancements:
  • Improved performance when switching databases. Browser will display a notice if database needs updating rather than doing it automatically
  • "Sort By" context menu (right click) now includes "Updated Date"
  • Improved node drag and drop in Tree View
  • Improvement to Content Update Tracker file and path handling of character case
  • Database list shows data location
  • Database upgrade improvements
  • Checks if database has valid characters in file naming.
  • Moved display options to a settings file under roaming profile
  • Can now add families with type catalog that has blank lines in it.
  • Content List tab now shows average rating and total load count.

BIM List Bug Fix:
  • Corrected issue when using Rename function, the database would not reflect the changes

BIM List Server (sold separately) Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected issue when using Rename function, the database would not reflect the changes
  • Larger amounts of data can be sent to BIM List Server, particularly if it's running on a 32-bit computer.

Fab Sheets Enhancement:
  • In some cases, project parameters which are associated to multiple categories could cause FS to no longer update sequences and views. FS will continue processing other items in the list when it encounters errors (as best as possible).

Model Compare Enhancement:
  • Can now create full project snapshots for very large projects (where the project file size is more than about 500 MB)

Parameter Jammer Enhancement:
  • Status column shows the list of auto-mapped parameters, unmapped parameters and their status.

Quick Select Enhancement:
  • Will no longer list the “Revisions” category as a valid option to select from the category drop-down to prevent user from deleting the revision definitions that causes Revit to crash.

Renumbering Enhancement:
  • Now keeps track of leading zeros when incrementing the sequence number

Schedule XL Enhancements:
  • Independent Graphic Options -- Can specify graphic options differently for each linked schedule
  • Suppresses errors thrown by Revit during the document load (ie. user cancelled, corrupt project, addin conflicts)
  • Multi-column/view schedules -- Schedule XL allows users to automatically split very long schedules at specified heights or number of rows. Each resulting table is created as an individual schedule view.
  • Disable Auto Updates -- global setting now disables updates to schedules, regardless of their individual setting.  This has also been added to default deployment settings options.

Schedule XL Bug Fix:
  • Now has the “Request Feature” and “Report Bug” buttons on the About dialog

Spreadsheet Drafter Bug Fix:
  • Correct issue where in Revit 2016, monospace fonts would cause irregular cell formatting.

Spreadsheet Link Enhancements:
  • Advanced Save settings now includes .xlsm files to be specified and saved
  • Now allows scheduling categories with no instances
  • Now displays duplicate parameters with identical names for areas, rooms, spaces and zones if they exist
  • Can now create more than 100 elements at a time.

Spreadsheet Link Bug Fix:
  • Now properly displays Design Option and View Number values

BIM Project Suite is priced at 450.00 USD.

The 30-day trial / free version of the BIM Project Suite may be downloaded from the Autodesk App Store here »

The full purchased version may be downloaded from the Autodesk App Store here »

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