Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ViewSync Version 2 Released – Includes Free Features

From the Marsh API website...

NEW in Version 2.0.3!
  • Free Features!  Sync 3D views for Free! Whether or not you decide to purchase advanced features, 3D syncing will continue to work after the trial expires!
  • New LIVE 2D and 3D sections!  Sync two 2D sections and one 3D section with your active plan view!  Select two 2D section views and one 3D view of your choosing to have automatically sync'd to your active plan view.
  • Persistent settings between Revit sessions!  Your ViewSync settings are now preserved for the next time you start up Revit!

ViewSync is priced at 19.99 USD. A trial may be downloaded from the Autodesk App Store, or from the Marsh API website.

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