Monday, December 21, 2015

CL3VER 3.3 Release Introduces Direct VR Authoring, Plus New Free Viewing App for PC, Mac and iOS

At AU2015, CL3VER, the platform for interactive 3D presentations, announced some enhancements for its pending 3.3 release...

Direct VR authoring from Revit, Sketchup, Max and Rhino

Following the trend for the future of Architectural Visualization, CL3VER introduces a pro VR solution that streamlines VR content creation from Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Revit, SketchUp and Rhino 3D. This effectively makes CL3VER the first 3D content provider that natively support the standard.

New CL3VER Desktop App

To provide users with a seamless experience on any device online and offline, CL3VER presents its brand new solution. The CL3VER Desktop App enables users to save and open presentations to Windows and OS X devices making it easier for designers to present their projects anytime and anywhere.CL3VER 3.3 redefines publishing for 3D content on web and offline devices

CL3VER 3.3 dropped on the Autodesk App Store late last week. From the CL3VER blog...

CL3VER 3.3 includes two major updates that significantly enhances mobile quality and the ability to play CL3VER presentations without the need for an internet connection

New CL3VER App for PC, Mac and iOS…and Free!

CL3VER content is often presented in situations where there is little or no internet connectivity, like meeting rooms, events or construction sites. The New “CL3VER App” enables users to save presentations to Windows, OS X and iOS devices. A User can then open presentations without the need of a internet connection. This update makes it easier to present projects anytime and anywhere.

The CL3VER App is free and shares the same user interface across PC, Mac and iOS (iOS App still pending to be released on the App Store) providing users with a seamless experience. The process is easy, Install the App, download the presentation and then open it anytime and anywhere. For creators of CL3VER content this update also includes a major enhancement in the workflow described here.

Top Visual Quality on Retina mobile devices

Maintaining the visual quality on mobile browsers has proven to be a challenge…until today.

From now on, experiencing CL3VER presentations on mobile devices with retina displays is seriously enhanced. The CL3VER viewer is now optimized to work natively on iOS devices with retina display (iPad Air or superior) or Android devices using a Mobile browser that supports WebGL.

This means that CL3VER users can provide spectacular 3D presentations on both Web and Mobile maintaining the same visual standards directly from the browsers.

More improvements…

Lightmaps – Now Supporting exterior & interior rendering

The CL3VER Release 3,3 plug-in for Revit is available on the Autodesk App Store. Licensing starts at 50.00 USD / month. There's more information available on the CL3VER website.

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