Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Free Batch Link RVT Files Macro

From the ArchSmarter website...

This macro links a batch of RVT files into the current model file. Simply select the files you want to link then click the "OK" button. The macro loops through the files and links each one using an absolute file path. The files are positioned using "origin to origin".

To run the macro, load the macro RVT file. Once the file has loaded, make the file you want to link the RVTs into the current model file. Go to Manage > Macro Manager, select the "Batch Link RVT Files" macro from the list then click the "Run" button. When the dialog box opens, select the files you want to link using the "Browse..." button then click OK.

To download the free Batch Link RVT Files macro, which is part of the ArchSmarter Toolbox, subscribe to ArchSmarter email updates.

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