Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Free Project Aquila – Web-Based Facility Energy Management

From the Autodesk Labs websit...

Try web-based facility energy management.

Project Aquila is a free technology preview for cloud-based energy management of buildings and factories. The App couples real-time device level electricity data from Panoramic Power's wireless, non-intrusive, self-powered sensor technologies with Building Information Modeling, insightful analytics, and automated reporting to deliver actionable insights for energy management and equipment maintenance.

  • Access real-time, circuit level data
    • Gather actionable insights to improve the performance and maintenance of your facility's assets.
    • Identify unseen problems and predict failures and operational anomalies through real-time alerts.
    • Gain insight about the thermal comfort of your occupants and the status of your equipment.
  • Contextualized data streams
    • Map data sets onto 2D floor plans and 3D digital models so users have context about the operations and layout of the facility.
    • Experience virtual walkthroughs of your facilities.
  • Automated, customized savings opportunities
    • Rules based analytics to identify energy saving opportunities and missed opportunities.
    • Share reports with key stakeholders across the organization.
  • Financial Analysis
    • Conduct financial analysis on desired energy conservation measures across metrics such as Net Present Value, Payback, and Internal Rate of Return


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