Thursday, December 31, 2015

My New Role – Applications Expert, BSD with IMAGINiT! (Updated)

I'm happy to announce that today I accepted the position of Applications Expert-Building Services Division with IMAGINiT Technologies, a Rand Worldwide Company. My start date will be January 11, and I'll be based in their Seattle office.

With 42 offices in the US and Canada, IMAGINiT is the world’s largest provider of enterprise solutions to the engineering community.

I'll be providing training, technical support, and implementation services to IMAGINiT clients, and sales support to prospects, with an emphasis on Autodesk Revit and associated products. I hope to also factor into product development and other IP development efforts at IMAGINiT.

The position will feature extensive travel to client sites throughout the US and Canada, which I enjoy. I also hope to be a frequent presenter at industry events like Autodesk University, The Revit Technology Conference, the BIM Workshops, and local user groups, which I greatly enjoy. I may even have opportunities for business travel abroad, which I would absolutely love.

This position is very similar to one that I held up until a decade ago with the now defunct CorDax. Aside from Marine embassy guard, that was my favorite employment experience in my career – by a country mile – and I am absolutely thrilled to be joining IMAGINiT in a similar role. And what a great way to ring in the New Year!

What does this portend for Revit Add-ons? I don't foresee any changes, except that I'll be out and about and hope to meet many of you. Travel to conferences was severely curtailed by my previous employer for the past few years, and now I look forward to becoming a staple at such industry events.

Updated 2/5/2016: Revit Add-ons will continue to operate as an independent source of Revit-related add-on information that is wholly separate from my employer, and I will continue to strive to offer an objective viewpoint, regardless of software vendor.

Happy New Year everyone! May it be a good one for each of us!

See you down the road apiece!


Alex Page said...

Congrats Tim - sounds very exciting

Tim Grimm said...

Thanks Alex!