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DpStuff Revit Utils 2016 Includes 2 New Tools – SheetCreationTools & CleanupDraftingElements

From Dima Chiriacov's dp stuff website...

It is time for another upgrade! It took a bit longer than I thought but Revit 2016 Addins are finally ready with several bug fixes and a couple of new useful addins. The updates are ready to be downloaded from Revit 2016 addins page.  Other than the upgrade to the 2016 API there has been quite a few bug fixes and two new tools that were added are SheetCreationTools (an addin for batch sheet creation) and CleanupDraftingElements (an addin to manage and cleanup drafting linestyles).


This is a new Revit addin added to dpStuff Revit Utils 2016. It allows you to control how you batch-create new sheets in Revit in 2 different ways. There are 2 Options: “Pick Titleblock” and “Existing Sheet Template”. In “Pick Titleblock” you can batch create sheets in sequence by specifying the sheet amount, starting sequence letter(s), starting sequence number and selecting a titleblock family. In “Existing Sheet Template” you can use an existing sheet as a template for a new batch of sheets. You have an option of copying legends and schedules from the template sheet which will put them in the same position on the new sheet, and  you can use template sheet number as a starting number +1 for the new sheet sequence.

1) “Existing Sheet Template” Option.
In this option you can create a series of sheets based on an existing sheet as a template. This option is useful when you want you have a sample sheet laid out with schedules and legends already placed in correct locations. You can select “Copy Legends and Schedules” to copy them from the template. If “Use Template Sheet Number” is selected – the starting letter and number for the template will become starting number for the new sequence of sheets. You can skip that however and specify other starting number in “Starting Letter/Number”. “Count” obviously specifies how many new sheets will be created in sequence. Lastly you need to pick an existing sheet that will be used as template from the Sheet list and then hit “Create Sheets” to create new sheets.

1) “Pick Titleblock” Option.
This option is useful if you simply want to add a bunch of sheets to the project in sequence. Very straightforward – just specify starting letter and number and specify the number of sheets. Lastly select a titleblock family and hit “Create Sheets”.


This is a new addition to dpStuff Revit Utils 2016. It piggybacks on another Revit’s missing functionality of being able to “Select All Instances in View/Project” that is inaccessible to drafting lines. CleanupDraftingElements comes in especially helpful in cleaning up your project after it was “polluted” by CAD exploded drawings and details. As you probably know you end up with numerous new line styles, one per each layer, and no quick way of tracking down those lines by type.

So, it is pretty straightforward. The addin allows you to check-mark select all drafting lines (that aren’t part of a group) by linestyle and convert them into a linestyle of your choice. This operation can be done either globally for the whole document or just for active view. On the left side user selects linestyles to convert from and on the right side user selects a linestyle to convert to. In the middle is the conversion button that executes the operation.

Same exact thing by the way can be done for Text Notes as well.

The dp Stuff Utils – 2016 Revit add-in also includes the following previously available tools:
  • ChangeTextCase
  • CopySelectionIds
  • RemoveAreasRooms
  • CropViewToSelection
  • NumberStuffByDirection
  • QuickViewAccess
  • RemoveEmptyTags
  • UpdateAreaCalcs
  • WorksetExplorer
  • ArchiSpeak

The dp Stuff Utils – 2016 Revit add-in is priced at $10.00 USD.

Also available is the Randomizer 2016 Revit add-in, which is priced at $4.50 USD.

There's more information available on the dp stuff website »

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