Thursday, March 30, 2017

BIM&CO – A Free and Open Cloud-Based Content Platform

From the BIM&CO website:

All BIM objects and construction product data for your digital models.

Architects, Engineering

Engineering offices, BIM managers, universities...Use data and objects of BIM&CO, publish your own objects, collaborate with the community

BIM&CO allows you to use the objects of the platform and publish your own objects in compliance with the best uses of digital modelling.


Make your access to BIM simple.

Publish you BIM objects and data directly on the platform or let a Content Partner assists you.The platform is compatible with BIM software and process.

Collaborate with architects and engineering offices to ensure that your objects are in conformity with uses of BIM. Get access to a unique marketing tool and use objects download statistics to increase your sales.

An Open and Collaborative Platform

Each user registered on the platform is able to exchange, discuss, collaborate...

As BIM is fundamentally a collaborative way of work, BIM&CO has been designed around collaborative functionalities to design/publish BIM content (objects and properties).

Content Partners

Increase the visibility of your customers'objects publishing them on BIM&CO

BIM&CO is a global BIM platform which welcome all kind of specialized partners in BIM content design

Data Interoperatbility BIM Software

BIM&CO includes an Open Properties Management System in order to facilitate the interopability of the objects and data in BIM projects.

Software Editors, use API and Web Services of BIM&CO to add objects data in your software.

BIM&CO Benefits

A free and unique source for all BIM objects and data


An open platform for 3D design specialists giving them a unique support to publish their customers objects.


All users can collaborate and contribute to create a unique space of quality objects.


Data are published by manufacturers, specialized companies and users directly on the Web.


A smart platform that supports property management and BIM processes to simplify access to BIM.

Private Groups

All features of the platform are available in private spaces. 

Your objects are only seen and used by group members.

Create, co-create, manage, collaborate and use your objects and data for all your BIM projects.​

More info

Your first BIM data in a few minutes!

What is the process to upload my data on BIM&CO :

Opportunity to
register free!

You can access to a wizard with
which you create your
manufacturer page

Then you directly use this wizard to
create and publish online your data

Your objects are immedialely
available for the community

There's more information available on the BIM&CO website.

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