Monday, March 27, 2017

Roundup – For the Week of March 20-26, 2017, New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store (Update #2)

The week of March 20, 2017 saw the release of a few new Revit add-ins on the Autodesk App Store, including the awkwardly-named yet self-descriptive Synchronize same viewport location to all sheets, as well as AutoExcel, the self-proclaimed "fastest Export / Import from Excel", and (another) Sheets Creator.

Several add-ins were also updated, including the Lumion Plugin, which received a relatively significant update.


The most advanced background synchronization software for Autodesk® Revit®. It work with Revit, so you never have to worry about relinquishing or losing anything important again | Trial
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.1, 3/23/2017 – Support Autodesk® Revit® 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Synchronize same viewport location to all sheets
This tool is designed to synchronize the viewport location in the same location in all selected sheets | USD 2.99
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.0.0, 3/22/2017 – Initial Release

AutoExcel - The fastest Export / Import from Excel
Quickly export to Microsoft® Excel® any schedule of an Autodesk® Revit® document. Import again the schedule with any changes to the table. The best batch product | Trial
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.0.0, 3/22/2017 – Initial release

Sheets Creator
Create Autodesk® Revit® sheets with Names and Numbers coming from Excel | USD 1.99
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About This Version: Version 1.0.0, 3/20/2017 – Final Stable version of Sheets Creator.


Export to ETABS
Export Autodesk® Revit® Analytical Model into CSI's ETABS | Free
 (12 reviews)
About This Version: Version 9.2.7, 3/24/2017 – This Tool has been revised to be compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2013, 2014 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Plot Manager 2017
With the Plot Manager for Autodesk® Revit® you can easily plot your sheets | USD 25.00
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version, 3/24/2017 – Version 2

SOFiSTiK BiMTOOLS are a set of free tools for Autodesk® Revit® Structure which enhances the productivity for elaborations of views up to 50% | Free
 (2 reviews)
About This Version: Version 2017-2.0, 3/24/2017 – Update Release 2017-2.0

COINS Auto-Section Box
Brings fluidity to the Autodesk® Revit® section box when modifying complex areas of a model. Saves seconds when communicating, costly minutes when modeling, and valuable hours throughout a project | Free
 (92 reviews)
About This Version: Version 5.0, 3/23/2017 – Support for Autodesk® Revit® 2018; Explicitly shows if a new view will be created, or an existing view reused, in the main UI before pressing OK.

Technische Unie BIM Addin
For use within The Netherlands only. With this add-in it’s possible to complete your engineering | Free
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 2.0, 3/23/2017 – Support for English language; Several bug fixes

Project Sweeper
Project Sweeper is a collection of tools that allow a user to quickly and accurately remove clutter from Autodesk® Revit® projects | USD 2.00/Y
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 2018.1.1.0, 3/23/2017 – Fixed "The color represents an invalid or uninitialized color" bug; Supressed warnings while scanning families for fill patterns; Other performance fixes; Compiled to work under Revit 2018

RAAPS - Sheet Generator 2017
This tool will create a Sheet list from Excel information | Free
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About This Version: Version, 3/23/2017 – Initial Start

Electric Power Cables Pro
Electric Power Cables (EPC) is plugin application for Autodesk® Revit® 2017, which gives the ability to add low voltage electric power cables by type and instance and standard | USD 399.00
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.0.2, 3/21/2017 – Updated release.

Lumion® Plug-In
See model changes in real-time in Lumion® with a LiveSync® preview version of the model, and also export your projects to Lumion® | Free
 (5 reviews)
About This Version: Version 2.0, 3/20/2017 – For release notes, see this post

False Updates

Most weeks there are a number of add-ins listed on the App Store as having been updated when, in point of fact, they were not. We call these false updates.

We suspect false updates occur because developers have the ability in the App Store database to mark an 'update' without changing the version number. This is advantageous to developers because it moves their add-ins up in the App Store  'Newest' list. Also, authors of multiple add-ins on the App Store may use the practice to group their add-ins together. And some may mistakenly not change the version number for a legitimate update.

We verify false updates by comparing the current version numbers with our last posts about the add-ins. This is work for us, though, hopefully, value for you.

In the hopes that the App Store will someday fix this loophole or developers will cease the practice, we list the developers and their add-ins that, though marked as updated, were not.

  • arch4hum 
    • RAAPS - Align Legend 2017
    • RAAPS - Center Room 2017
    • RAAPS - Room Lines 2017
  • archigrafix 
    • XDoor
    • SectionOffset
    • Batch Rename Families 2016
    • Copy/ Combine (Text Parameters)
  • CADtoWIN 
    • CADtoWIN

  • Update #1: Updated on March 28, 2017 to include iSync.
  • Update #2: Updated on April 15, 2017 to include COINS Auto-Section Box, Export to ETABS, and Project Sweeper.

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