Monday, March 20, 2017

The Week that was in Revit Add-ons for March 13-19, 2017

The week of March 13, 2017 was another busy one here on Revit Add-ons with 19 posts published.


From the Autodesk App Store, we posted about the self-explanatory ViewManagerRAAPS - Sheet Generator 2016RAAPS - Clash Navigator 2016, and RAAPS - Workset Assigner 2016. We also updated our post about RevXL, for importing from Excel to Revit while maintaining formatting, to include the link to the App Store.

From around the Internet, we posted for the first time about IrisVR Prospect, for exploring 3D models in VR with one click. We also posted about the 3D+ RPC Creator (Beta), for converting your models to RPCs for placement in Revit, and the RPC Thumbnail Service (Beta), for Windows Explorer and AVAIL.


From the App Store, we posted about CTC BIM Manager Suite 2017 version 17.0.7 , Enscape version 1.8.0, and Revision + Cloud Manager version 1.2.0.

For additional App Store updates not mentioned here, please see our latest roundup.

From around the Internet, we posted about Enscape version 1.9.


We posted our latest 'What's Hot' article, for February 2017.

We teased that multi-format support is coming to UNIFI.

We posted free source code for collecting all rooms on a given level.

We posted a link to a review titled 'From Revit to VR' that featured Autodesk LIVE, Enscape, and IrisVR Prospect.

For webinars, we posted about a free one on 'Modeling and Documenting Precast Concrete Slabs', held on March 16, 2017. We also posted about another free webinar held on the same date, 'Visualization – Making Revit NOT Look Like Revit'.


pyRevit dominated our 'Trending' top 10 list for the week, with our post about the free pyRevit Pattern Maker for Revit sitting in the top spot for the entire week. Our post about pyRevit proper spent almost the entire week in the number two slot. Our post on the free pyRevit Print Tool spent most of the week in the top 10, as did our post about the free pyRevit Copy/Paste Viewport Placement tools.

Our post about Solibri Model Viewer Pro also spent most of the week in the top 10, as did our posts about Visual Studio 2017, Bluebeam Revu 2017, What's Hot in Revit Add-ons for February 2017, and Enscape version 1.8.0.

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