Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SimLab Composer VR Framework Preview Now Available

From the SimLabSoft website:

SimLab Composer VR Framework

Technology preview

This preview gives the user access to SimLab VR Showroom, which lists 3D models and allows the user to interact with them using the VR or Desktop Viewers.


The following tutorial shows the user how to use SimLab VR Viewers.

Next technology preview

Next preview will allow the user to create interactive models using SimLab Composer and to add them to catalogs available in SimLab VR Showroom.

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Editor's Note: According to the countdown on the author's site, the next technology preview should be available on or about March 22, 2017.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is revolutionizing model navigation, assembly instructions, selling products, serious training and much more.

SimLab Soft is working hard on building SimLab VR framework to allow you to take advantage of VR, We are using this page to share our progress and plans.

SimLab VR framework is here to help you take advantage of the VR revolution.

Virtual Reality
  • No matter what CAD application you are importing your model from
  • No matter what experience you want to create for your users
  • No matter how small is your budget to start utilizing VR

The framework will be ready for end users, and developers building specialized VR experiences.

So why do I need VR?

You are really only limited by your imagination, the following is a small list of things you will be able to do with the new VR framework we are working on.

  1. Selling physical products or designs by utilizing 3D models.
  2. Facilitate training on assembly/disassembly.
  3. Getting feedback from users early in the design stage.
  4. Show options to users (picking materials, and components).
  5. Increase user attachment to 3D designs to increase buying rate.

Preview SimLab VR

This is a quick preview of the VR capabilities to be included in the next technology preview of SimLab Composer VR.

Why should I use SimLab VR framework?

Our framework was designed to bring any model to VR.The process is very simple
  1. Import 3D model.
  2. Adjust material assignment to make it look great.
  3. Add options and interaction to bring models to life.
  4. Set the viewer start location.

We are utilizing the great capabilities of SimLab Composer developed through many years to give you all the needed tools to prepare models and to add interactions to them in a very easy way.

We are building a complete solution without forcing it on you, you can pick the components that you need and that works for you.

We are sharing our plans clearly to make it easy for you to plan accordingly.

We are working hard to make the framework affordable, while all features are free during Technical preview, we will keep VR geometry, material and light export free after the official release, to make sure that you can always benefit from what you learned.

What hardware do I need for SimLab VR?
For VR you need a good machine with new Video card, good processing power and memory. To get the most of this Technology preview you need to have HTC vive.

If you do not have that, do not worry, you can use the desktop viewer that will provide you with great interaction on the desktop and which you will be able to share with customers who do not have the HTC vive.

This desktop viewer also can be used as a great tool to speed up the process of adding interactive capabilities to any 3D model.

Components of SimLab VR framework

SimLab VR Viewer: This is the viewer that is used to interact with the VR model, the viewer can be run in two modes:
  • VR mode
  • Desktop mode

SimLab Showroom: Showroom was created to make it easy to share models with users, and to build showroom catalogs, soon showroom will add optional network capacities to facilitate delivering models to stores and end users.

SimLab Composer: With 10 years in development, SimLab Composer is the best tool to import and to add VR interaction capabilities to 3D models, the new VR workbench includes a collection of the tools needed to bring your 3D model to life.

The SimLab Composer VR Framework Preview is brought to you by SimlabSoft.

There's more information available on the SimlabSoft website.

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