Monday, March 27, 2017

Free Clockwork for Dynamo Version 1.0.3 Released

From GitHub:

Clockwork for Dynamo


New nodes:
  • Document.Default3DView
  • Document.ProjectParameters
  • Document.ProjectParametersByCategory
  • Element.Category
  • FamilyType.FamilyName
  • Grid.Plane
  • List.Chop+ (re-added to package due to a bug in OOTB node List.Chop)
  • List.JoinByKeys
  • ModelCurve.Type
  • Schedule.KeyScheduleParameterName
  • SpotElevation.ByFloorPlanAndPoint
  • String.CompileRegularExpression
  • String.ReplaceIllegalFilenameCharacters
  • String.Replace+
  • View.Direction
  • View.SetDetailLevel
  • ViewSheetSet.Views

  • Added various flags to the regular expression nodes
  • Element.Host now also retrieves host objects of wall foundations, railings, building pads and topo subregions
  • Document.SaveAs now includes options to compact the file and save it as a new central file
  • Document.BuiltInCategories, BuiltInCategory.ByName, Category.Subcategories and Subcategory.ByName will now return Dynamo-compatible category objects
  • Element.Location now reports boundaries of floors, roofs, ceilings etc.
  • Element.Geometry+ can now (optionally) retrieve an object's geometry without openings
  • RoomTag.Room will now retrieve rooms in linked models, too (Revit 2017+ only)
  • Various minor improvements
  • Renamed a few nodes

Bug fixes:
  • Element.SetMaterialParameterByCategory will now return unchanged elements
  • Wall.Orientation will now return a Dynamo vector again instead of a Revit XYZ
  • Material.Duplicate will now duplicate materials again
  • Element.ByID now also accepts IDs as integers
  • Element.Location will now report correct booleans when processing rooms again
  • List.FromCSV will now also return the last line of the CSV file again
  • Application.Version will now return Language as a string
  • Room.UnplacedByNameAndNumber will now correctly number created rooms again
  • List.DropLastItem will now work for deeper list structures again
  • Element.Geometry+ will now correctly retrieve the geometry of most in-place families

Clockwork for Dynamo is brought to you by Andreas Dieckmann. It's free.

There's more information available on GitHub.

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