Friday, March 10, 2017

Video: How to Use Dynamo Revit to Create a Helix Ramp with Topography

From LinkedIn:

This revit video sheds light on how to generate Helix Ramp with topography by Dynamo for Revit.

Dynamo for Revit expands building information modeling with the data and logic environment of a graphical algorithm editor. It is very flexible and associated with a powerful Revit database. It creates a new approach for BIM.

The objective of dynamo is to simplify AEC workflows in Revit and facilitate the users to avail the database of Revit outside of the restraints of the interface.

Revit hosts an extensive API (Application Program Interface) that facilitates the third-party developers to generate custom tools. And programmers apply this API for years, but text-based scripting isn't available to each person. With the help of an accessible graphical algorithm editor, Dynamo standardizes Revit data easily.

With the use of core Dynamo nodes in conjugation with custom Revit ones, a user will be able to significantly extend parametric workflows for interoperability, documentation, analysis, and generation. With Dynamo, laborious workflows are automated when design explorations can flourish.

There's more information available on LinkedIn.

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