Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Free Sample of Using Autodesk Forge to Access Revit Model Properties

From Jeremy Tammik's The Building Coder blog:

RVT Properties to XLS and Forge Accelerators

Are you interested in easy access to your Revit model properties?

Well, you can have that, and you can even do so without a need to install Revit.

The Forge Model Derivative API extracts a streamlined copy of all geometry, BIM element hierarchy and properties from over fifty file formats, and Revit RVT files are just one of them.

Augusto Goncalves implemented the viewer-javascript-extract.spreadsheet Forge sample to read all the properties on all BIM elements in an RVT file and export them to an XLSX spreadsheet.

That's pretty neat, I think.

Many thanks to Augusto for putting that together.

If you would like to learn more about Forge, don't miss the chance to join the next Forge accelerator:

There's more information available on The BIM Coder blog.

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