Monday, March 6, 2017

The Week that was in Revit Add-ons for February 27 - March 5, 2017

Last week was another busy week here on Revit Add-ons with twenty posts.


From the Autodesk App Store, we posted about UpgradeBlocker, for preventing accidental upgrades and opening of central models, RevEx, for modifying Revit model information in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, XDoor, for classifying and scheduling door handing/swing directions, and MEP Highlighter, for highlighting MEP items by System Classification or System Name.

From around the Internet, we posted about RevXL, for linking Excel spreadsheets into Revit while preserving formatting. RevXL is from the same author as the previously mentioned RevEx.

We also posted about iSync, which, in it's highest form, iSync Ultimate, can be used to automatically relinquish, save, synchronize and even exit Revit. iSync is also available in less expensive versions with more limited functionality as iSync Pro and iSync Basic.


From the App Store, we posted about Ultimate Plugin Suite Version 1.1.0.

For additional App Store updates not mentioned here, please see our latest roundup.

From around the Internet, we posted about Autodesk LIVE being re-branded as Autodesk Revit Live with the new Version 1.7 release.


We posted about the free DynaSlack, a new Dynamo package providing integration with Slack.

For do-it-yourselfers, we posted a free sample of using Autodesk Forge to Access Revit Model Properties. We also posted free macro code to select all dependent elements that will be deleted if a target element is deleted.

We posted about a webinar for Flux Labs Software Development Kit (SDK) that was held on March 2, 2017. We also posted about a free webinar on creating openings for MEP services, builders work drawings, and Fire Safety components to be held on on March 16, 2017. NBS Create & plug-in for Autodesk Revit demo is a free webinar to be held on dates from March 6, 2017 to May 22, 2017. Rounding out our coverage of webinars for the week, we posted a webinar video of virtual reality for architects, engineers, and contractors.


Using Dynamo to generate wind loads spent almost the entire week at the top of our Trending top 10 list.

Our post about a free macro for adding revisions to a sheet index spent the entire week in the top 10.

Ultimate Plugin Suite version 1.1.0 spent most of the week in the top 10, as did our posts about new free alternative Visual Studio C# project templates for creating Revit add-ins, Autodesk Live Viewer Version 1.7, free source code to export project warnings with the API, and 'Making the Most Out of Dynamo Player' webinar video.

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