Thursday, March 23, 2017

New and Improved MagiCloud Release

From the MagiCloud website:

New and Improved MagiCloud Version is here

22 March 2017 – Turku, Finland – Progman has announced that Europe’s largest BIM library, MagiCloud, has been updated to include the full product information already available in MagiCAD. The cloud-based MagiCloud includes more than one million BIM models and technical details from 230 manufacturers, used primarily by mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) designers. The tool is instrumental in developing a BIM strategy for construction projects.

Some of the latest technical features that will benefit end-users include:
  • Improved search function in MagiCloud, helping designers find products more quickly
  • Ability to search products from 40 market areas
  • Easier downloading of the 3D models, without requiring any installations
  • Improved German and Chinese localisations
  • Bookmarking, enabling users to gain quick access to their search results via a unique URL, and to share them

“Today’s construction projects need to benefit from using BIM, so a detailed 3D plan is created before the build begins,” said Jukka Nyman, Managing Director of Progman. “This enables contractors, architects, MEP designers and engineers to have detailed 3D models, including all of the technical specifications of the building’s MEP elements. Calculations and analysis can be run, and a ‘shopping list’ of components created. It saves considerable time and expense to know a building is going to work before the foundations are dug.”

In addition to end-user benefits, the manufacturers whose products are in MagiCloud’s improved library will gain from this new version.

“Manufacturers in MagiCloud gain a direct line of sale to MEP designers who are actively selecting MEP products like air handling units, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical elements for their builds,” said Progman’s product manager Vilhelm Backman. “Designers are using MagiCloud alongside Revit or AutoCAD to create their MEP drawings.”

In this new version, manufacturers can now access permalinks to their product pages with 2D and 3D variant images. Furthermore, a new MagiCloud widget enables manufacturers to draw content back to their own websites.

“We are proud that in just over a year since its launch, MagiCloud has resulted in more than 50,000 product downloads,” said Vilhelm Backman. “We’ll continue to update and improve MagiCloud to offer the best possible user experience.”

The original announcement is here.

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