Saturday, September 9, 2017

Autodesk FormIt V16.1

From the Autodesk FormIt website:

September 8, 2017
By Tom Vollaro

Images courtesey of Josh Goldstein

It is that time again... time for a new FormIt update! You may have noticed a small orange badge on the File menu (or login window or About screen) on the Windows version.

But if you didn't, never fear. You can still download the Windows update manually right here at our website. This version number is 16.1. To be double sure, you can check your version in the About menu. If you are using the Web version, congrats! you already have the new version! Update for iOS is coming soon and may already be in the App Store when you read this.

So what is new? We have spending a lot of time fixing some sticky crashing bugs, improving 3D navigation, the Content Library and a host of other things. Here are some highlights for all platforms:
  • Improved the Orbit algorithm to be more consistent, especially with selections that are behind (or partially behind) the camera
  • Fixed an issue where canceling insert from Content Library prevented insert of the same object the next time
  • When editing the Main Sketch (not inside a Group), Undo/Redo now works globally and chronologically, so the last change will always be affected, even if that change happened inside a Group

Windows version only
  • Fixed several crashes, including launching app while offline
  • Improved the Solar Analysis workflow when Weather Station data has errors or is unavailable

Web version only
  • Fixed a bunch of file opening and importing issues
  • Fixed a bunch of material and image issues including better support for higher-res images

full release notes can be found here.

And finally, there is a change to how you can purchase FormIt Pro. The Pro license is no longer available as an individual purchase from the Autodesk eStore. FormIt is now exclusively part of the Autodesk AEC Collection. The good news is, if your office is already subscribed to the Industry Collection to get Revit, etc. you already have FormIt Pro! Not only that, for each Collection seat, you get three seats of FormIt Pro! (Eligible for multi-user subscriptions only) So check with your office to see if you have moved from perpetual licenses to the Collection subscription. There is even a limited time offer to save 30% if you make the move now!

There's more information available on the FormIt website.

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