Saturday, September 16, 2017

Free RFO Benchmark V3.1 – How Fast Does Revit Run on Your Computer?

From the BIM Chapters blog:

RFO Benchmark; Revit and Hardware Speed Test 

If you want to find out how fast Revit runs on your computer and then roughly compare those results with others, you will want to check out the Revit Forum's RFO Benchmark V3.1.

The details...

The RFO Benchmark V3.1 is a newly updated and totally automated script which opens and manipulates Revit models to see how fast your computer is under somewhat realistic working conditions. This version was updated by Gordon Price, of Pragmatic Praxis, and he gives thanks to others like Phil Read and Daniel Hurtubise.

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Editor's Note: Dan Stine of BIM Chapters has written an excellent overview of the latest version of RFO Benchmark, which we excerpt here. However, he erroneously refers to the app being from Revit Forum. While that's where the app is published, it's actually developed by Gordon Price of Pragmatic Praxis, whom Dan does later give credit.
Correction: Dan confirmed that the app is officially released through the Revit Forum website. In fact, "RFO" stands for RevitForum.Org. The developer, Gordon Price of Pragmatic Praxis, is also one of the administrators of the Revit Forum. Apologies Dan!

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