Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Flux Smart Space Analyser – Create Shortest Distance Heat Maps

From the Flux website:

Smart Space Analyser

The Buro Happold Smart Space Analyser App allows you to instantly generate beautiful shortest distance heat maps. Select an area of interest such as a hospital campus or city center location and start to add targets. Targets represent destination nodes such as bus stops or fire assembly points. Click once to analyse and the results generate directly in front of your eyes! These heat maps make it easy to identify the impacts of building obstructions and spot underserved or isolated areas of your selected location. Drag the nodes to rerun the analysis at any time.

Finally, click again to send the analysis heat map to Flux and open it in Rhino3D for further manipulation and use!

  • Analyse walkable distance heat maps directly in your web browser
  • Instantly grab building profiles as obstructions
  • Place single or multiple targets
  • Set minimum or maximum distances to control the colour contours

How to:
  • Click ‘launch’ above to be taken to the Buro Happold Smart Space Analyser App
  • Use the top left address search box to locate your desired analysis location
  • Adjust the analysis boundary box to your exact requirements
  • Add or remove targets using the ‘add’ and ‘remove’ buttons. Click to drag the targets to new locations within the analysis boundary box
  • Click ‘perform analysis’ and wait for the result!
  • After the analysis has completed you can move the target locations or adjust the minimum and maximum colour distances for an instant update


25 Sep 2017


Chrome web browser


Build Your Own App

If you can build a website or design a script, you can build an app. Flux provides the tools and infrastructure, so you can focus on what makes your solution unique.

Smart Space Analyser is brought to you by Flux. Pricing for Flux is as follows:

There's more information available on the Flux website.

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