Monday, September 25, 2017

Tips for Searching Revit Add-ons

Searching Revit Add-ons is one of the best ways to find the content you're looking for. However, as we've added regular features like our weekly roundups, what's hot articles, etc., plus time-sensitive articles like webinars, search results may be, for want of a better word, cluttered.

One may exclude search terms by pre-pending them with the minus ("-") symbol.

For example, the following types of articles may be excluded from search results as shown:
  • What's Hot
    • -hot
  • Autodesk App Store Weekly Roundups
    • -roundup
  • Week in Review articles
    • -week
  • Product Roundups
    • -roundup
  • Product Reviews
    • -review
  • Year in Review articles
    • -review
  • Webinars
    • -webinar

Let's say we want to find add-ins related to scope boxes, with none of the regular features cluttering the results. We could use the search string:

scope box -hot -roundup -week -review -webinar

It might also be useful to sort the search results by date (“by relevance” is the default).

We hope this helps!

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