Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Free DynaFire – Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts to Place Nodes in Dynamo

From the Devpost website:


Adding nodes can be repetitive and time consuming

  • Existing search does not work well
  • Frequently used nodes are not prioritized

What DynaFire Does

  • Two keys to add a Node
  • Compatible with custom nodes

Viewer for editing existing shortcuts

Future of DynaFire

What is left to do?

  • Place nodes near the cursor
  • Disable shortcuts while in a Code Block
  • Prevent or notify users of duplicates
  • Package for distribution
  • Sort and group the list of nodes

Searching for nodes in Dynamo is really tough and annoying. Placing nodes with keyboard shortcuts would be so much easier.

Built with 

C# and xaml

Try it out

GitHub Repo


Suzanne Becker

Sarah Wessel

Nick Smith

Eric Rudisaile

DynaFire won Most Practical at beyondAEC 2017

There's more information available on the Devpost website.

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