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MEP Hangers – Fast Precision Layout of Hangers and Supports

From the AGACAD website:

BIM software for fast precision layout of hangers and supports

MEP Hangers (previous name Smart Hangers) enables the instant large-scale insertion of hangers and supports throughout a Revit® model for ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits. You get accurate bills of materials and builders work drawings, and accurate on-site assembly thanks to BIM-to-Field features.

The software uses simple yet highly flexible rules to select the relevant Revit MEP systems and add (or modify) needed hangers or supports with their varied connections. They can be distributed as a fixed number per segment or based on the distance between bearing points.

MEP Hangers also splits ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits into predefined lengths as needed, and marks all service components for fabrication. For on-site precision and efficiency, it exports bearing points to Trimble or TopCon tools and drilling robots.

Client Story:

Smith Brothers: “Smart Hangers took our hydraulic projects to a new level”

Compatible with Autodesk® Revit®, Revit® Architecture / Structure / MEP, Building Design Suite.
MEP Hangers is useful to any company that works in civil, structural and MEP spheres.

MEP Hangers enables instant large-scale insertion or revision of support elements for ducts, pipes, cable trays, conduits, and other objects throughout a Revit® model. It also offers MEP-element splitting, calculation of hanger-strength requirements, instant shop drawings for assemblies, and support for IFC files.

  • Automatically distributes Hangers and Supports throughout a Revit® model for Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays, Conduits, and Line Based Generic Model families
  • Distributes Hangers and Supports with predefined and customizable rules
  • Automatically sizes the Hangers and Supports according to MEP service size
  • Automatically connects to architectural or structural elements (like walls, floors, roofs, beams, etc.)
  • Automatically adjusts to slope, sloped MEP service or sloped Structural elements
  • Splits MEP services into segments by predefined lengths that comes from manufacturer
  • Enhances BIM-team work and deliverables for integrated project delivery (IPD). Works with IFC Ducts and Pipes
  • Shop drawing generation in one click
  • Gravity point foundation according to used hanger material

MEP Hangers is a powerful BIM software that helps to distribute hangers or supports throughout ducts, pipes, cable trays, conduits or other line based generic model elements in various ways. Hangers or supports can be automatically attached to sloped roofs, floors, structural foundations, structural framing, walls, or even reference planes from the current or linked project.
MEP Hangers has a possibility to split line based MEP elements according to manufacturer's specified lengths. This software works with IFC format files too!

Ideal for: 
  • Plumbers, HVAC engineers, fire protection engineers, electrics 
    • Distribution of hangers and supports on all line based MEP element for all these job categories 
  • Experienced BIM Managers 
    • Control of BIM model and clash detection 
  • New Revit® users 
    • Easier distribution of hanging and supporting elements than using simple Revit tools 

Powerful features:
  • Collaboration 
    • Possibility to work with IFC files 
    • Export data to external software 
    • More detailed analysis of intersections between different parts of the project 
  • Efficiency 
    • Easy and fast distribution of hangers, supports, and splitting elements 
    • Distribution of 100 hangers takes less than 5 seconds 
    • Hangers’ or supports’ shop drawings in one click 
  • Compliance 
    • Model and hangers’ changes can be managed with just one click 
    • Possibility to create own distribution rules 
    • Sample hanger library that contains hangers for ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits

  • Incredible performance increase. Thousands of hangers can be added in a matter of minutes, on average workstation. What took hours or days is done in fraction of that time.
  • Time saving, up to 10 times. Distribution of hundreds elements with one click.
  • Versatility. Change, update, and connect hangers to whatever you want. Make custom hangers and use them in your own project. There are no limits to what you can do with Smart Hangers when you want to distribute hangers in a project.
  • Easy to use. To get to know the software user needs only a few minutes of training that is available in video format. For more experienced users there’s no need to read any help files or watch videos. It works out of the box and on any project, so it only takes installing and you can start working.
  • Fast scheduling. To make workshop drawings of particular hanger assembly or a set of them, just select a particular hanger or a set of them and press a button to create assemblies.
  • Manage changes. If any changes are made in MEP system, Smart Hangers helps user update hangers quickly.
  • Easy selection and filtering. There are lots of different selection and filtering capabilities in Smart Hangers. If there’s a need to select hangers on particular MEP element or if there’s a need to select hangers on filtered elements, Smart Hangers will easily help with that.
  • Lots of modification capabilities. A lot of problems come up when coordination of a lot of elements is needed in a project. For that, Smart Hangers has its own platform where user can create parameters and change their values. Smart Hangers also works with custom hangers, there’s only a set of parameters needed for them to work and those can be taken from template database.
  • Easy start up. To start working with hangers, no prerequisites are required. Just load wanted hangers into a project with Project Family Browser and start the work immediately.
  • Sample library with 25 different detailed hangers for ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits are provided free of charge to permanent license users.


"Our company utilizes both Smart Sheets & Smart Hangers heavily. Smart Hangers has saved us countless hours placing hangers on piping & ductwork. There is a small learning curve, but AGACAD was there to help explain & make recommendations based on our company’s needs. (...) We would recommend these products to any company that places hangers or works with larger scale projects."

- Mike McGinn, Building Information Modeler / Plumbing Designer at PACE Collaborative, USA.

"We are very pleased with Smart Hangers software and customer service at AGACAD. Properities of the Smart Hangers: 
  • Easy of installation
  • Great time saver, especially on the undulating/sloped ceilings and where there are many changes in the ceiling levels
  • Fairly straight forward/user friendly to navigate and modify hangers and supports
  • Very easy to Model
  • Plenty of options/parameters to automatically distribute hangers under various structural, practical and aesthetic conditions
  • Ability to calculate Hanger Elevation from Level from software automatically
  • Automatically update with changes in the model." 

- Alex Mak, BIM Operator / 3D Modeller at Entire Fire Protection Pty Ltd, Australia.

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MEP Hangers is brought to you by AGACAD. Pricing was not known at press time.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2018, 2017, and 2016.

There's more information available on the AGACAD website.

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