Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dynamo Version 1.3

From the Dynamo website:

April 6, 2017
By Zach Kron

Hello Dynamo fans

It’s been a bit longer than usual, but we’re happy to announce the latest release of Dynamo.  There’s a longish list of what’s new in this incremental release, so grab a cup coffee and settle in for a read.

 Dynamo Core Functionality

Geometry Working Range

For folks who have had trouble with geometric operations in models with large numbers (buildings and landscape projects described in millimeters), we added a solution that adjusts numerical precision to accommodate these large numbers. For these projects, adjust your Geometry Working Range in the Settings menu.  The basic idea is that Dynamo’s geometry tools have an out-of-the-box working range of 10,000  to 0.000001. This is a problem when you are thinking about your geometry in large numbers, and is a waste of all the teeny, tiny zeros that you don’t need. Geometry scaling essentially moves the decimal point over to the right. Longer post on this to follow.

Isolate Selected Geometry

Enabled from the Settings menu, or Cntrl+I.  When the mode is enabled, only selected nodes will have their corresponding geometries displayed in full opacity. Geometries that correspond to unselected nodes will be displayed transparent with 10% opacity for meshes and 20% opacity for lines and points.  This can be a great way to understand a graph you get from someone else, as well as different way to work on your own stuff

 Dynamo Dictionary Access from context menu

A direct link to the Dynamo Dictionary is added at the bottom of help menu popup window for each node. Definitions are currently available for the out-of-the-box core Dynamo nodes, and we are actively working on Revit nodes.

Multi-output port re-connect feature using Shift+Left-Click

Move multiple wires at once using Shift+Left-Click

Highlight geometry from selection in preview bubbles and watch nodes.

Identify Geometry in background preview from selections in lists

DateTime.Format: (shout out to Radu Gidei!)

Format your DateTime outputs using standard syntaxes

Dynamo Studio

More CAD formats supported

Dynamo Studio’s Translate (CAD import/export) functionality now supports 3DM (Rhino) and SAT file formats, in addition to DWG and DXF.  (Additionally, import of FBX, OBJ, STL, and SKP formats are supported, but there is currently limited downstream capabilities with these meshes.)

Dynamo for Revit

Consistent Get and Set Parameters

Revit allows for duplicate parameter names in a file, and Dynamo is now able to consistently pick between Named or Built-In parameters.  Writeable parameters are favored over read-only when there is a conflict.  Adding this apart from the bug fix list below because this have been a big source of confusion for a lot of people.

Preview Bubbles enabled for Revit Selection nodes

We haven’t had ’em, now we do!

New Revit nodes

We have filled out a number of Creation methods for System Families, added access to Global Parameters, and exposed file auditing tools with the Performance Advisor.  (Here are some sample files to help you get started.)

Curtain System
  • CurtainSystem.ByFace
  • CurtainSystem.AddCurtainGrid
  • CurtainSystem.RemoveCurtainGrid
  • CurtainSystem.CurtainSystemType
  • CurtainSystemType
  • CurtainSystemType.ByName
  • CurtainSystemType.Name

  • DimensionType.FromExisting
  • DimensionTye.StyleType

  • FailureMessage.Description
  • FailureMessage.FailingElements
  • FailureMessage.Severity

  • FamilyType.ByGeometry
  • FamilyType.VoidByGeometry

  • Floor.AddPoint
  • Floor.MovePoint
  • Floor.Points

PerformanceAdvisorRule:  A collection of nodes for finding performance degrading features. Identifies things like duplicate elements, overlapping walls, sketches with many lines, or large loaded families.
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.ByID
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.Execute
  • Performance Advisor Rules
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.Description
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.Enabled
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.Name
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.RuleId

  • Roof.ByOutlineExtrusionTypeAndLevel
  • Roof.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel
  • Roof.AddPoint
  • Roof.MovePoint
  • Roof.Points
  • RoofType
  • RoofType.ByName
  • RoofType.Name

ViewSchedule (Shout out to Konrad Sobon!)
  • ViewSchedule.AddFilter

  • Wall.ByFace
  • Wall Location

Global Parameter
  • GlobalParameter.ByName
  • GlobalParameter.FindByName
  • GlobalParameter.SetValue
  • GlobalParameter.SetValueToElementId
  • GlobalParameter.Name
  • GlobalParameter.ParameterGroup
  • GlobalParameter.ParameterType
  • GlobalParameter.Value
  • GlobalParameter.Visible

  • Tag.ByElementAndLocation
  • Tag.ByElementAndOffset

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed line break issue in for group titles, increased group titles font size
  • Convert between units now gives correct Hectares for Area conversion
  • Fixed File Paths with spaces sometimes converting paths to escaped URI path
  • Fixes to Arc.ByCenterPointRadiusAngle, Arc.StartAngle, and Arc.EndAngle
  • Corrected an error in Large Meshes (+500 units) displaying incorrectly.

Dynamo and Dynamo Studio are brought to you by the Dynamo Community. Dynamo is free. Dynamo Studio is priced beginning at 40.00 USD per month.

There's more information available on the Dynamo website.

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