Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Free ssUtilites (Updated)

From the Autodesk App Store:

The ssUtilites 3.0 app allows to:

Customize any view and export the BOM table:

Export BOM tables in Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® AutoCAD® ( temporarily not supported), Excel at any Category of filtered Elements based on the configured tables templates types;

Create and save for repeated use custom tables templates types considering removing the extra columns, rows (without making any changes in the data model) and settings of output format;

Edit the column width when you select its type – “static”. Otherwise (type the width of the column “dynamic”) the column width is calculated depending on the contents of its cells ( i.e., text and font);

Set the font by clicking on the button‘Font’ for the whole table and from the context menu for a column/columns;

Set the font/text in the context menu for the cell (font - with dynamic column width);

Sort rows by values in any column (this is done by clicking the column header and next in context menu);

Delete selected rows, columns (without making any changes to the data);

Move columns;

Set the height of the overall header, titles, columns, rows of tables data and limit the height of the table to determine that, if exceeded, rows are transferred;

Save/read the templates export tables types (including dropped columns, custom widths, and order of columns);

Edit the text/font of the cell;

Edit the font of the column (s)/column header, and save it in the export table type (while only with alignment by common font when printing in Revit, and without the correct display of the cell size in the application interface);

See the banner of cell/column header content (temporary implementation for a column header triggers after holding the mouse pointer from the header of the column to the cell below it);

Draw the lines style according to GOST (thin, thick));

Fit text in a cell (with “static” width of column, after editing the cell text, font of the cell is reduced to the required size to fit the text in the cell);

Save the edited value of the text and font of cells – a repair is performed when selected Category of Elements and type of export table is corresponding to selected when you insert a table (saving) (the dependence of the fit from other changes in the interface and save sorted rows - in the next release);

Output a number of rows by any column (generic) (for example by types);

Display (in the column headings and context menu) status of sorting rows by column and generic column (which is summarized);

Align text of column header cell, cells of the whole column or each cell of the column.

Keep the text alignment of the header and cells of the whole column in table exporting template;

Keep the text alignment of the header and each cell of column in the last insert (save options of alignment in the last insert is more important than options of alignment in table exporting template, i.e. used first);

To manage collaboration in Revit:

Perform asynchronous backup of all open files in the current session of Revit;

Control (prohibit) changes in the name of the user in the current session of Revit. To prohibit the work with the Revit user name is not equal to Windows user name ( disabled in current version);

App will work till 02/01/2028.

About This Version

Version, 4/5/2017 – Support Revit 2017;

The ssUtilites add-in is brought to you by soloviewserg. Pricing was not known at press time It's free.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2017.

There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.


August 3, 2017: Added information about the add-in being free.

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