Thursday, April 20, 2017

Door Factory Standard for Revit LT

From the RevitWorks website:

The quickest & easiest way to make doors and curtain panel doors in Revit

  • Great range of standard doors
  • Any user – novice to expert
  • Consistent functionality for all doors
  • Ordered structured families, built for usability

"...the usability of the doors is outstanding."

Jonathan Custance - Custance Associates Ltd

DOOR FACTORY Doors are Built for Usability

50 Different Door Combinations

Swing doors | Pivot doors | Surface sliders
Wardrobe sliders | Pocket sliders |Bi-fold doors
Garage doors| Hatches

Over 50 different standard doors and 50 Curtain Panel Doors ready to use in your residential projects.

​* Swing indicators can be shown pointing to the handle or the hinge

Selection of Jamb Types

Doors have been pre-configured with rebated, flat, hidden and/or no jambs to match common residential usage for the different actions. All jambs have simple trims added that can be turned on or off.

Great Selection of Door Panels

Glass and Solid Panels usable for any door configuration - copy, customize and swap back into your doors to create new variants as shown in our help files.

Bonus: Additional manufacturer's content included

Great Selection of Door Handles

Door handles usable for any door configuration - copy, customize and swap back into your doors to create new variants as we show in our help files.

Universal Controls, Alignments and Offsets

All doors have the same tools for how they fit within the wall. Along with the standard swing and flip controls, doors jambs can be set to match the wall width or have a specified width. They can also be aligned or offset from the center-line, interior or exterior face of the wall.

“The content that RevitWorks provides is of the highest quality I have seen when it comes to Revit families.“

Samual McAlister - Autodesk Australia Pty Ltd

Create the unique doors that you need

Standard DOOR FACTORY Technical Information

Detailed information in easy to print PDF's

Full Feature Lists

Feature comparison list for the RevitWorks Door Factory Standard and the Door Factory Standard Preview

Technical Specifications

Technical information including object styles, detail levels, shared parameter usage and parameter explanations


Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the RevitWorks Standard Door Factory

Specific help documents for creating new panels and handles

Creating new Panels

Detailed instructions for creating a new panel

Swapping in Panels

Detailed instructions inserting different panels into your doors

Creating New Handles

Detailed instructions for creating a new handle

Swapping in Handles

Detailed instructions for inserting different handles into your doors

Ready to Turbocharge Your Business?

“RevitWorks consistently provide quality add-ons and content that saves an enormous amount of time for our users.”

Ian Nelson - Architecture HDT

Standard DOOR FACTORY - Options & Pricing

​All doors have been pre-made with the Door Factory Premium add-in and are delivered in a Revit 2016 project (metric and Imperial)

All pricing is in $US. Local sales tax may be added at time of purchase.

* The Door Factory Premium is an add-on for full Revit (2017, 2016 & 2015). Older versions are no longer supported but may be available upon request. Revit LT users should refer to the Door Factory STANDARD

Door Factory Standard is brought to you by RevitWorks. It's priced starting at 440.00 USD.

This add-in is compatible with Revit LT 2017, 2016, and 2015.

There's more information available on the RevitWorks website.

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