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UNIFI Version 2.2 – Includes New UNIFI Connect for Accessing High-Quality Manufacturer Content

From the Autodesk App Store and the UNIFI website:

About This Version

Version 2.2.0, March 10, 2017

The UNIFI Team is more than ecstatic to release 2.2! This was a jam-packed version filled with over 120 new features and bug fixes. Here are some of the big ticket items:

New Features/Enhancements:
  • UNIFI Connect – We are very excited to introduce a brand new product, UNIFI Connect, which is included as part of the UNIFI platform at no charge. UNIFI Connect provides access to high quality manufacturer content leveraging the proven workflow of the UNIFI platform. Manufacturers host their content in UNIFI as channels and UNIFI users subscribe to them making the content available to the entire organization for search and insert into models. Click here to listen to the webinar and read more about Connect on our website.
  • Office Locations – Company admins can now create Office Locations in our UNIFI Portal and set users to those locations.
  • Schedules in Batch Tag Manager – Schedules are now visible in the Batch Tag Manager in the UNIFI Portal.
  • Structural Icons in Saved Search – We’ve added a set of structural icons in our Saved Search in the UNIFI Client.

  • Batch User Import – Company admins now have the ability to specify security groups when batch importing users from excel/csv in the UNIFI Client.

Bug Fixes:

Our team continues to squish those pesky bugs. Here are some notable mentions:
  • Library Admin Filter [UP-181] – The library admin filter is now correctly filtering the users list in the UNIFI Portal. Thanks Tammy for pointing this out to us!
  • User Details Delete Button [UP-404] – We made the delete button on the user’s detail page of the UNIFI Portal actually delete the specified user.
  • Accents on letters mess w/SSO [ULA-215] – Fixed an interesting issue where having accents in your username caused issues when logging into SSO.
  • Double clicking when inserting [UC-517] – For all the fast clickers out there, we found an issue where if double clicking to insert a file from the file details page would can an error. We’re happy to have resolved that issue!
  • Downloading type catalogs from Browse/Search [UC-500] – We are now including the txt file when downloading a type catalog from browse or search.

As always, if you have questions – please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to delivering many new exciting features in upcoming releases, including….drumroll please….Multi-format Support in Q2!


UNIFI Content Management provides a cloud-based single source of truth for all of your digital building content.

Enjoy the benefits of a single source, cloud platform to control, manage, analyze and create your Autodesk® Revit® and digital building content!  UNIFI offers this comprehensive suite of solutions:
  • UNIFI Content Management:  cloud-based BIM content management solution provides anywhere access to a single source of content
  • UNIFI Connect:  high-quality manufacturer content that is integrated into your existing Revit workflows
  • UNIFI Insights:  robust insights and BIM content audits enable you to see the forest and the trees
  • UNIFI Create:  BIM content creation services provide on-demand BIM content designed to your unique specifications

UNIFI Create allows you to make content creation requests directly within UNIFI.

A few benefits of the UNIFI Content Management include:
  • Control: Access your BIM content anywhere, anytime and with anyone from a single source — across offices and locations. Drive data consistency for proprietary, generic and manufacturer content for the entire team across the entire project with automatic versioning updates.

UNIFI offers many tools so you can effectively manage and control your BIM content and who has access to it.

  • Manage: Locate, leverage and utilize vetted building content quickly and efficiently via smart content libraries, saved searches, advanced filters, automatic meta tagging, reporting and much more. Add as many users as needed to share content libraries internally and with outside consultants.
  • Analyze: Ensure model integrity, content accuracy and compliance across local and global standards while gaining unique insights into how and when content is used with powerful reporting tools.

UNIFI Insights provides you with a comprehensive dashboard enabling you to visualize your entire library at scale and receive in-depth reports that outline specific details and highlight areas for improvement.  Here are a few of the reports we provide as part of our offering:
  • Dashboard – View your entire library in a single dashboard giving you a bird’s eye view of your content
  • Family Category Report – View each family category based upon the amount of content per category.
  • Nested Family Report – See how many nested families exist and how many levels deep of nesting are present.
  • Imported CAD Geometry – Identify which families include CAD-based geometries and prevent Revit from crashing.
  • Shared Parameter Report – View all Shared Parameters in use across your entire content catalog – learn what matches your company’s SP file and what doesn’t.
  • Parameter Formula Report – Visualize parameter formulas and quickly identify complicated ones that can slow down projects.

UNIFI Insights provides actionable information to maximize your BIM investment.

Here's how UNIFI Connect works for you:
  • Quality Content:  All content on UNIFI Connect has gone through a rigorous quality control process to ensure it meets the highest standards and can be “whitelisted” into your libraries.
  • Search and Find: Less time required to go to multiple sites & platforms to access Revit content. Seamless workflow for selecting and inserting content into projects
  • Content Control: Easier to integrate manufacturer libraries into firm-based libraries via the UNIFI portal. Versioning of BPM content so you can track every change.
  • Enhanced Communication: Connect directly with manufacturers to share feedback on the quality of content, availability of specific content, content requests. Connect directly with UNIFI to request specific manufacturer content for the portal.

UNIFI Connect brings trusted manufacturer content into your existing Revit workflows.

Leverage our expert UNIFI Create the team to rapidly build unique components according to your organization’s standards – we’ve built thousands of components for hundreds of organizations. Depend on UNIFI’s team to create your unique library of high-quality components, and allow your team to focus efforts on what they do best – designing, building and operating buildings.

If you would like a private demonstration of UNIFI, please contact us at Discover why the world’s largest AEC firms use UNIFI! Request the free 30-day trial directly from

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

UNIFI is brought to you by UNIFI. Pricing begins at 55.00 USD per license per month.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

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