Thursday, April 20, 2017

Introducing Flux Apps

From the website:

If you sign in to today, you’ll see a new user experience that puts “apps” front and center. We think apps are great -- mostly because they make it easy to connect your building data.

Through many discussions with our community, we’ve learned that apps like Site Extractor and Scheduler make Flux more valuable to you and your team. As we invest in these products, it’s clear that there are many more opportunities to build smart, focused apps that solve a particular problem really, really well. We’ll continue to make these investments, while also helping leading-edge firms like BuroHappold and other partners succeed at working independently through our developer program.

Join us for our Product Launch Release Webinar, April 26th 12:00-12:45pm PST. On the call you’ll discover:
  • App Highlights
  • New App Features (Scheduler, Site Extractor, Plugins)
  • Future Product Launches
  • Q&A

Click here to register for the webinar

You will be able to continue using Flux the same way you always have. For consistency, we’ve packaged popular solutions across our plugins, website and labs experiments into apps. Everything is easily accessible at

As usual, we’re ready and listening for feedback. Contact, or be part of the discussion here on community.

Other Questions You Might Have About The Change:

What’s happening to Flux plugins?
We’re updating our terminology to refer to plugins as “apps” that connect to Flux. They’re available at along with everything else. Otherwise, there’s no real difference. We’re behind these projects 110%.

What’s happening to Flux Labs?
Some of the content from Flux Labs has been migrated over to a labs section of Flux Labs has always been about exploration and learning from our community. Not everything works, so we’ll eventually say goodbye to the things that haven’t demonstrated enough interest to keep going. Be sure to poke around, and give us feedback on fun stuff like Terra, Capacitor!

Do you still provide a combined installer?
We do -- you can access the latest version of our combined installer at

Do pricing or terms of service change for existing users?
Pricing and terms of service have not changed.

Can I create apps?
Yes. It’s free to develop Flux apps, and anyone can get started. Check out our developer site for more details.

Can Flux help me distribute my app?
We plan to provide tools that help app developers distribute their app to other users in their organization, or the broader Flux community. There are a lot of things to consider, and we want to get it right before we provide this as a service. Let us know about your app, and how we can help you as an app developer. In the meantime, you are free to share your app with anyone using Flux.

Do apps cost me money?
You can use any of our apps with a free or paid Flux user account.

There's more information available on the website.

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