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Vote Now for Your Favorite Dynamo Packages in the New designtech DynAwards

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April 13th, 2017
Posted by Mark Thorley

I am pleased to announce became a year old this week! To say it has been an exciting journey over the past year would be an understatement. At designtech we understand the importance of continued learning and knowledge sharing being a fundamental part of progressing as a collective industry.

As we all know, the Dynamo Community is great and there are many people that have contributed to help develop this tool to what it is now. The speed at which Dynamo has developed can be attributed greatly to the introduction of the package manager, which allows users to create custom nodes and libraries and then upload them for the community to download and use.

Much of the work I have done with Dynamo over the past 3-4 years would not have been possible without the influence of certain packages, whether they improve interoperability between other software packages or just help improve efficiencies, there is a growing list of great packages. At the time of writing, the package manager had just exceeded half a million installs, with over a thousand different packages and over three hundred different authors. As a result, at designtech we feel it only fair to start recognising this and giving something back to the package creators who I’m sure make all our lives easier when using Dynamo.

Drum roll please…

Introducing the designtech DynAwards

(okay the name could do with some work!)

We have spent a number of weeks considering the best way to recognise the best packages available for download and decided to categorise the awards into eight categories. Each category has five nominees (apart from the first category) and there can be only one winner for each award, which I’m sure in some cases will be very difficult to choose. Each package can only be listed once across the board and voting will be open until the end of May 2017.

If successful, we will host these awards each year with the winners of the previous year’s categories invited back to be on the nominee selection committee (I just made this up, but their help will be appreciated). We obviously couldn’t nominate every package and we apologise for this, but hopefully any up-and-coming packages that don’t feature this year will make the cut for the following year. This list if nothing else gives a great overview of some of the packages we have come to use regularly at

Prizes for the awards will be based on the amount accumulated from the JustGiving page with the winners from each category splitting the overall amount.

If you feel you want to contribute, please feel free although this is not obliged.

…Maybe we can convince Autodesk to match whatever we raise.

To participate in the voting, please complete the form by clicking below



Below we have broken down the list of Awards and Nominees in a little more detail.

Package Name Author Twitter Downloads Description Konrad Sobon @arch_laboratory 38,541 A set of practical nodes for Revit interaction.
Lunchbox Nate Miller @archinate 53,126 Lunchbox is a collection of reusable geometry and data management nodes. The tools have been tested with Dynamo 1.2 and Revit 2017. The tool includes nodes for surface panelling, geometry, Revit data collection, and more.
Clockwork Andreas Dieckmann @a_dieckmann 15,238 A collection of 380+ custom nodes. Contains many nodes for various other purposes, such as list management, mathematical operations, string operations, geometric operations and panelling.
Rhythm John Pierson @60secondrevit 16,668 Rhythm is a set of useful nodes to help your Revit project maintain rhythm with Dynamo.
Steam Nodes Julien Benoit @jbenoit44 15,924 A set of various nodes to implement a Dynamo workflow in your job.
Spring Nodes Dimitar Venkov @5devene 18,958 Spring Nodes focuses on enhancing Dynamo's interaction with Revit and exploring any means that can help accelerate BIM workflows. 
Package Name Author Twitter Downloads Description
Ladybug Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari @_Mostapha_ 4,071 Ladybug is a plugin for weather data and environmental analysis.
Energy Analysis for Dynamo Thorton Tomasetti @TT_CORE 2,653 Energy Analysis for Dynamo allows for parametric energy modeling and whole-building energy analysis workflows in Dynamo 1.1. Energy Analysis for Dynamo allows the user to configure the energy model from Autodesk Revit, submit to Green Building Studio for DOE2 energy analysis, and dig into the results returned from the analysis.
Structural Analysis for Dynamo 5,381 Structural Analysis for Dynamo allows for parametric modeling and structural analysis workflows in Dynamo 1.2 and 1.3. Structural Analysis for Dynamo allows the user to configure the structural model in Dynamo, submit to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis 2017 or 2018 for calculation and dig into the results returned from the analysis.
Optimo Mohammad Rahmani Asl & Dr. Wei Yan 2,260 Optimo is a multi-objective optimization tool that enables Dynamo users to optimize problems with single and multiple objectives using evolutionary algorithms. Optimo includes various multi-objective optimization algorithms to reach a set of optimal solutions (in the current version NSCA-II (Non-dominated Sorting Cenetic Algorithm-II is included. More algorithms including SMPSO and MOEAD will be added soon).
Honeybee Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari @__Mostapha__ 1,104 Honeybee connects Revit and DynamoBIM to Radiance and OpenStudio (EnergyPlus) for daylight and energy simulation. This version supports point in time daylight and sunlight hours analysis.
Package Name Author Twitter Downloads Description
Dynamo for Rebar Thorton Tomasetti @TT_CORE 6,096 A Dynamo package for authoring geometrically complex rebar models in Revit.
DynamoMEP Simon Moreau @bim42 2,859 DynamoMEP is a package for working with MEP elements, Rooms and Spaces.
Landform Lauren Schmidt @landarchBIM 2,314 A growing set of nodes created primarily to assist with site and landscape modeling and analysis in Revit.
BIM4Struc.Rebar Dieter Vermeulen @BIM4Struc 2,038 The BIM4Struc.Rebar package offers nodes that increase your productivity for Rebar modelling in Revit. The nodes don't allow you to get data from existing rebar such as sketch lines, geometrical properties, etc., but they also give access to automation of Rebar tasks (from the API) such as representation settings of rebar, rebar layout rules setting.
Elk Timothy Logan 1,740 Import OSM mapping data and USGS elevation data.
Package Name Author Twitter Downloads Description
BecauseWeDynamo Be Han 305 Modeling aid for panelization and fabrication of faceted models with planar faces; includes tool set to project panels onto xy-plane with labels and has dxf export by layer as preparation for 2.5D fabrication.
Ampersand Colin Mccrone @ColinMcCrone 2,714 Collection of nodes for lists, geometry, and paneling.
Bridge Matthias Stark 2,275 A library for creating and editing solids made of cross sections in terms of bridges and tunnels.
Synthesize Toolkit Karam Baki 1,141 Set of creative tools by Karam Baki to fix Voronoi and Delaunay patterns, along with importing /exporting nodes for Fusion 360 with Revit to create Fluid and Organic forms from T-Splie ability in Fusion 360.
RevitMagic Dmitriy Semko @DmSemko 592 RevitMagic is a collection of reusable geometry and data management nodes.
Package Name Author Twitter Downloads Description
Rhynamo Nate Miller @archinate 16,067 Rhynamo is an open source Dynamo (1.2) node library for reading and writing Rhino 3DM files. Rhynamo uses McNeel's OpenNURBS library to expose new nodes for translating Rhino geometry for use within Dynamo. In addition, several experimental nodes are provided that allow for 'Live' access to the Rhino command line. Rhynamo is an experimental tool provided under the MIT open source license.
Bumblebee Konrad Sobon @arch_laboratory 10,618 Dynamo 1.2 – Dynamo and Excel interop developed by Konrad K. Sobon. Instructions and tutorials can be found at
Dynaworks Adam Sheather @gytaco 3,800 Dynamo library for Navisworks.
Mantis Shrimp Konrad Sobon @arch_laboratory 5,885 Dynamo 1.0 – Mantis Shrimp is a interoperability project that allows you to easily import Grasshopper and/or Rhino geometry into Dynamo.
Flux @flux_io 1,558 Exchange geometry with SketchUp, Grasshopper, Rhino, Excel, Google Sheets, AutoCAD, 3ds Max or other Dynamo/Revit users over the web. Access and transform your data on-the-fly using
Package Name Author Twitter Downloads Description
Mandrill Konrad Sobon @arch_laboratory 2,557 Dynamo 1.2. Data visualization package for Dynamo. It uses the d3.js library to generate all charts and then serve them via a web browser.
Data-Shapes Mostafa El Ayoubi @data_shapes 1,747 Collection of nodes that aims to enhance the interaction with Revit and UI creation for Dynamo scripts.
Bakery Luke Johnson @lukeyjohnson 5,133 Bakery is over 635 nodes created, adapted, or collected by author of What Revit Wants.
BlackBox Jason Anderson 3,175 A compilation of nodes that have been built for specific project needs.
BVN BVN Architecture @architectureBVN 2,284 A collection of over 30+ Dynamo utility nodes developed by BVN Architecture with an emphasis on the interoperability between Revit, Rhino and Excel.
Package Name Author Twitter Downloads Description
DynaSlack Radu Gidei @radugidei 84 Dynamo package providing integration with Slack, allowing you t post messages to Slack via webhooks currently. Includes support for Slack text formatting, emoji/image icons and setting integration name.
QRCoder Jostein Olsen @jos_ols 268 Package that contains nodes for creating simple QR-codes based on string input.
Hydra Keith Alfaro @keith_alfaro 156 Manage Dynamo files with a Cit workflow.
Dynanimator  Havard Vasshaug @vasshaug 808 This package contains a collection of nodes that will create images between a set of Revit model changes. Refer to the repository URL for tips on usage.
DynamoUnfold Michael Kirschner @mjkkirschner 739 DyamoUnfold : Library for building topology from sets of surfaces and unfolding them using Protogeometry tools in Dynamo.
Package Name Author Twitter Downloads Description
Rutabaga Homer Anave @houmanave 220 Collection of custom nodes including analytical ones.
Dynamo Automation Andreas Dieckmann @a_dieckmann 698 Batch process Revit models by driving Revit (and the Dynamo add-in) from the outside using the Dynamo sandbox.
Dynamic CSharp Interpreter Dimitar Venkov @5devene 325 A dynamic C# interpreter for Dynamo that runs on top of Microsoft's Roslyn platform. It currently supports Dynamo and Revit's core libraries and has an optional input for additional custom libraries. You'll need to wrap all inputs in a single list (named IN) and then re-cast each of them to their appropriate type. the last script statement should be left without a semicolan (;) so that the script engine can pick it up as the result.
Gorilla17 Adam Sheather @gytaco 291 MEP objects, Connectors, Placeholders, Systems and Routing.
Juggernaut Jeremy Graham @LearnDynamo 275 A collection of nodes for educational purposes. For more information, please visit

There's more information available on the website.

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