Thursday, April 20, 2017

Product Roundup – Flux Apps (Updated)

From the website:

Flux is a data-rich, collaborative platform for teams of architects and engineers designing buildings and cities of the future.


Transform, translate, slice, and dice your data using our cloud-based graphical programming tool.

The Flow is similar to Grasshopper for Rhino or Dynamo for Revit, but it’s available in a web browser. Scripts are always running on our cloud-based computational cluster, and it doesn’t require you to install any additional software. You can work with any type and all of the data you send to Flux, no matter where it originated.


Inspect, visualize, and combine your data using the Flux Data Inspector app. The Data Inspector provides access to all of the data stored in your Flux project, and allows you to display your data in different ways -- rendered, raw, and summarized.


Flux projects are used across all other apps to organize data for a (building) project. Manage your Flux projects from a central location using the Flux Project Manager app.

Application Specific Apps

Flux for 3ds Max

Send and receive 3ds Max model elements using Flux

Flux for AutoCAD

Send and receive AutoCAD model elements using Flux

Flux for Dynamo

Send and receive data using Flux in your Dynamo scripts. Connect with other Dynamo users, or popular tools like Grasshopper, SketchUp, 3ds Max, Excel, Sheets, etc.

Flux for Excel

Send and receive ranges of data in Excel using Flux

Flux for Grasshopper

Send and receive data using Flux in your Grasshopper scripts. Connect with other Grasshopper users, or popular tools like Dynamo, Revit, SketchUp, 3ds Max, Excel, Sheets, etc.

Flux for Revit

Send, receive and update elements in your Revit model using Flux

Flux for Rhino

Send and receive data using Flux in your Rhino models. Connect with other Rhino users, or popular modeling applications such as Grasshopper, Dynamo, SketchUp, 3ds Max, Revit, etc.

Flux for Sheets

Send and receive ranges of data in Google Sheets using Flux

Flux for SketchUp

Send and receive groups in your SketchUp model using

Miscellaneous Apps

Site Extractor

Search, select, extract, done. In minutes get site context of detailed topography, surrounding buildings, roads, parks and waterways. Pull geometry directly into any app that connects to Flux (SketchUp, Dynamo, etc.).

Flux Labs

“Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me that you built a time machine?”

Yes! We built a time machine at Flux. Flux Capacitor enables you to view previous versions of your data and roll back in time. Never worry about that lost design iteration ever again.

Stay on top of progress with a simple and beautiful presentation of your Flux data! Share your dashboard with any of your project collaborators -- the only requirement is a web browser!

Create, edit, and view Revit schedules on the web. Collaborating with Revit model data has never been easier. Instead of requiring everyone on a project who works with schedules to work within Revit, now all you need is a web browser!

Place your 3D model at a precise location in Google Earth! No more fussing with export, scaling or coordinate alignment issues. The Terra web interface helps you quickly configure, generate and download a native .kmz file which you can share or open in Google Earth.

Track your project activity on Slack and email! Want an easier way to stay up-to-date with project progress? Connect Flux Tracker to your project and get notifications in real time (or in batches) as changes are made.

Updated on May 11, 2017 to add Flux for Rhino.

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